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Historical clothing brings together several of my favourite subjects: history, fashion and textiles. I have been interested in the dress of many eras since childhood, especially that of the early modern period and in particular, women's clothes of the seventeenth to early eighteenth century with forays into later eighteenth and nineteenth century dress. One way or another I've cavorted in many a silly and sensible outfit over the years, including Medieval, Baroque, Georgian, Empire, Victorian and Edwardian. I've even dabbled in vintage. Here is a selection of some of those frocks and other bits and pieces...

...which I still have not finished! However most of the sixteenth century outfits were made for the living history/historical interpretation events at Kentwell Hall, and those have a page all to themselves of Tudor and Elizabethan costume, accessories and needlework. Which isn't finished either. I hope to update this soon (famous last words), so please do visit again.

Medieval Crimson Houppelande or Gown

Early 17th Century Embroidered Jacobean Waistcoat or Jacket

1630s to 1640s English Civil War Black Brocade Waistcoat or Jacket Bodice

Burgundy Houppelande


Embroidered Waistcoat


1620s 1630s Black Brocade Waistcoat

1630s Waistcoat or Jacket Bodice

1660s Restoration Gown or Dress and Petticoat (Frances Teresa Stuart 1648-1702 c 1662 )

1800s Empire Regency Jane Austen Printed Cotton Day Dress or Day Gown

1630s 1640s Waistcoat or Bodice


1660s Gown and Petticoat


Regency Cotton Day Dress

1800s Empire Regency Jane Austen Floral Cotton Day Dress or Gown

1800s Empire Regency Jane Austen Purple Ball Dress or Ballgown

1700s Eighteenth Century 'Kinsale Cloak' actually 1800s Nineteenth Century Hooded Black Wool Cloak circa 1820  1840

Regency Floral Day Dress


Regency Ball Dress


1800s 1830s Black Wool Cloak

1830s Printed Cotton Day Dress or Gown

1900s Edwardian Wool Walking Suit and Edwardian Lace Petticoat

1700s Eighteenth Century Georgian Gown or Dress and Petticoat 1800s Nineteenth Century Victorian Gown or Dress

1830s Day Dress


Edwardian Walking Costume



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